About the Tribunal

The Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal is an independent tribunal established by the Government of Canada to provide impartial reviews of notices of violation issued by federal agencies regulating agriculture and food.

The Tribunal operates in a court-like fashion to hear cases brought by persons who have been charged for bringing animal or plant products into the country without permission or where a producer, transporter or handler of animals or plants in Canada fails to meet set standards for humane transport, animal identification and disease prevention.

The Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Act, through its regulations, establishes violations for over 500 regulatory infractions currently outlined in the Health of Animals Act and the Health of Animals Regulations, the Plant Protection Act and the Plant Protection Regulations, and the Pest Control Products Act and the Pest Control Products Regulations.

Whether a person requests an oral hearing or presents a case by written submission, the Tribunal can uphold, modify or set aside a decision rendered by the Minister or one of his officials. Ultimately, the Federal Court of Appeal has judicial review jurisdiction over the Tribunal.

The Tribunal offers its services in both official languages and can hear cases at 96 locations across Canada. Such hearings usually occur near the alleged violator's place of residence or at the location where the alleged infraction occurred.