Internship Opportunities at the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal

The experience

The small team at the Tribunal welcomes eager students seeking a real-life experience in a functioning administrative tribunal environment to work alongside the Chairperson and Tribunal staff, assisting in completing research assignments, special projects and other daily office duties pertaining to the operation of the Tribunal. In addition, the intern will experience interactions with government departments, particularly Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as well as other government agencies. The intern will also learn the basic skills of working in an office and the role that the Tribunal plays within the Canadian government at large. The experience will provide the intern with pertinent education and work experience for academic credit at their home university but will not include any remuneration from the Tribunal or the Government of Canada. Interns may work at the office of the Tribunal, on the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, or externally.

The requirements

  • Completion of a minimum of two years of study at the university level
  • Current registration at a recognized university (home university)
  • Proof of insurance
  • If not a Canadian citizen, proof of a student or other visa valid for entry into Canada
  • At least 100 hours at the internship over the course of a semester
  • A supervisor from the intern's home university

How to apply

If you are interested in applying to become an intern, please contact the Tribunal at:

Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal
Building 60, Birch Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C6
Telephone: 613-792-2087
Facsimile: 613-792-2088

What recent interns have said about their experience at the Tribunal

"I had the pleasure of interning at the Tribunal as part of my experience with the Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC) Program through Trinity Western University's Ottawa campus. Originally from Oregon and having attended Trinity Western University in Vancouver, B.C. for the past four years, I thought it was time to unite my education with some hands-on work experience. At the LLC, I was able to do just that by following regular university courses and interning at the Tribunal, gaining useful writing, office and people skills. My work at the Tribunal varied performing research for the Tribunal Annual Report, working on the Tribunal website and completing a number of office jobs that the Tribunal staff might not otherwise have been able to perform. It was a rewarding and challenging workplace."

- Rachelle Gannon, Intern, Winter Semester 2011

"Interning at the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. I decided to apply for the internship at the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal because I felt, as many students do, that my resume was lacking the necessary experience to acquire gainful employment once graduated. Tribunal staffers provided me with numerous projects to work on, both alone and collaboratively, which provided me with valuable hands-on experience in a professional environment. I also learned quite a bit about Canadian regulatory policy and how it affects Canadians. This in turn has sparked an interest in food policy, a field of study which I had previously overlooked. Overall, interning at the Tribunal was not only worthwhile but an enjoyable experience."

- Jonathan Sampson, Intern, Winter 2012