Practice Notes

In 2020, a complete revision of the Tribunal’s practice notes was carried out. The redrafting was driven by the desire to make them clearer and more concise and to effectively resolve issues facing the parties during a request for review. This is part of the Tribunal’s ongoing desire to communicate more clearly and effectively with all parties involved before the Tribunal.

To that end, some practice notes were eliminated and new ones were created. The Tribunal developed a mechanism for dealing with constitutional issues and to involve expert witnesses. In addition, the Tribunal has ensured that the use of electronic communications is encouraged in all its practice notes. Additionally, implementing plain language practice notes aim to facilitate matters for self-represented parties, who account for most of the applicants before the Tribunal.

That said, practices notes are a tool that is provided to parties, but do not override the obligation to first respect the requirements of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Act and the Rules of the Review Tribunal (Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal). These legislative and regulatory requirements prevail in case of inconsistency with the Practice Notes.

For all requests for information about the process for requests for review with the Tribunal, do not hesitate to contact us.

Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal Practice Notes

Practice Note #1 – Electronic Registry
Practice Note #2 – Admissibility of Requests for Review
Practice Note #3 – Requests to Extend Time Limits
Practice Note #4 – Venue Selection for Hearing
Practice Note #5 – Interpretation Service
Practice Note #6 – Mandatory Case Management Conference
Practice Note #7 – Obligations, Duties and Roles of Authorized Representatives
Practice Note #8 – Open Court Principle and the Respect for Privacy
Practice Note #9 – Raising a Constitutional Question
Practice Note #10 – Order for Exclusion of Witnesses
Practice Note #11 – Witnesses and the Procedure for Obtaining a Subpeona
Practice Note #12 – Expert witnesses
Practice Note #13 – Presenting new evidence for a review of a Minister’s decision
Practice Note #14 – Affidavit Evidence
Practice Note #15 – Request for Adjournment or Postponement of a Hearing
Practice Note #16 – Withdrawal of a request for review